My personal motivation for this research is three-fold:

  1. I am passionate about enterprise architecture. I am convinced this way of thinking, the associated tools and methodologies are essential for the performance and value of any enterprise.
    I want to contribute with my daily practice as enterprise architect, teaching and theoretical research.
    Enterprise Coherence Maturity (ECM) is believed to be essential in creating enterprise value and performance.
  2. I promised my wife Elsbeth, which second names are Catharina Margaretha, hence the ECM, that I will follow this passion. She sadly died recently after four years of enduring and fighting cancer. I feel the need to somehow support the medical science that supported her during her illness and temporarily gave her some fighting chance.
  3. In a strange way the universe happened to give a biological ExtraCellular Matrix the exact same initials. ECM is a network that provides structural and biochemical support to surrounding cells. It is the coherence of these cells, coordinating how cells work together, creating tissue and organs. The chemical and physical signals elicited from ECM are necessary for cancer cell proliferation and invasion in tumors and metastasis. Hence, targeting these ECM proteins and ECM-related enzymes is a potential strategy for cancer treatment.

This is the triad of my personal motivation.

During my multidisciplinary research on Enterprise Coherence I will somehow support the research into this potential strategy for cancer treatments. To honour Elsbeth.